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Fistful of Frags hosting Servers


Fistful of Frags is a multiplayer Western Half-Life 2 first-person shooter mod that takes part in frenzy team versus shootouts or cooperative games against AI managed enemies.

The game supports between 12 and 20 players simultaneously, filling in empty player slots with AI enemies if there are less than 12 players. Many weapons notable for appearing in Wild West media are available, including the Colt Peacemaker, Derringer, and Mare’s Leg, Sharps Rifle, and Coachgun.[2] Single-handed weapons may optionally be dual wielded.[2]

Games may be free-for-all or have up to 4 teams: Desperados, Vigilantes, Rangers, or Banditos. Factions are represented on the scoreboard and in various parts of the HUD by the colors: Blue for Vigilantes, red for Desperados, green for Rangers, and yellow for Banditos. Though the four factions are distinct in look and team color, there is no difference between each faction in gameplay.

The cheapest Fistful of Frags hosting servers

Our Fistful of Frags hosting servers place an emphasis on performance, intended for video game designers and hosting platform hosts.

Our servers are designed to give your players an incredible gaming experience. Gamers can enjoy their favourite Fistful of Frags levels without any limitations in terms of performance and stability. Our servers are protected against DDoS attacks and are optimized to continuously adapt to the latest games.

The best Fistful of Frags hosting servers

The anti-DDoS solution, which is included with all our game servers, is the most effective and complete solution on the market. The anti-DDoS solution prevents your game server from being inaccessible. Unlike older servers, this is adapted to UDP flows (used for video, audio and video games) thanks to a check of incoming and outgoing flows.

In addition, specific profiles for games can be installed to further enhance protection. In case of a (DDoS) attack, your Fistful of Frags hosting players will not notice anything!

Fistful of Frags hosting support

Our Fistful of Frags servers are now the cheapest prices per slot on the market, meaning that you can now play your favorite game for less.

With our gameserver hosting you are able to jump in and out of your game without the fear of your world not being online because your friend who is hosting it on their machine is not on. With 24/7 access and great customer support we will have playing in no time.

The Game World Fistful of Frags hosting servers gives gamers a opportunities!
A opportunitie for better hosting, lower pings and a better gaming experience.

All servers include


99.9% Uptime
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No Data Limits
Admin Panel
Server Console
DDoS Protection
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Fistful Of Frags Hosting Servers
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