The Walking Dead: A New Frontier – Ties That Bind Parts I & II

With the abundance of zombies in entertainment, surprising people with the undead is challenging. Blood is shed, fragile mental states break, lives are lost, and somehow people press on despite the worst of circumstances. Telltale’s The Walking Dead has tried to make things feel different by focusing its zombie adventure on relationships, making tough choices, and allowing the player to role-play different characters. A New Frontier continues these efforts, and they usually work, but sometimes déjà vu creeps in, making scenes less impactful. You can only see so many deaths and safe havens before it all feels the same.

In season one, we took control of Lee Everett, a man who formed a touching bond with a little girl named Clementine. Season two allowed us to step into Clementine’s shoes and experience the situation from a child’s perspective. Telltale’s third season puts us in the role of Javier, a man whose life has been on a downward spiral, with Clementine becoming more of a sidekick in his journey. In many ways, A New Frontier is about the mysteries surrounding the pair, and that’s how Telltale keeps you intrigued.

The opening two episodes set the stage for the new adventure. They have everything you’ve come to expect from The Walking Dead: shocking deaths, intense betrayals, and split-second decisions to second-guess. Ties That Bind mostly focuses on familial bonds – the risks we take for the people we love and how far we’re willing to go to put another’s life above our own. The story begins with background on Javier, who comes home after taking a wrong turn in his life, but Telltale keeps the secret lingering as to exactly what happened. Then time skips ahead to Javier on the road with his niece, nephew, and sister-in-law, fleeing from a large swarm of walkers. Javier is a likeable protagonist; you can tell he cares about his family and will do whatever he can to keep them safe. However, we don’t know the secrets that lurk in his past. He reminds of me Lee in that way – something feels inherently good about him, but you know he hasn’t lived a perfect life.

Season three has flashback sequences which slowly provide more information about the past, including Clementine’s. At the end of season two, she could end up in three different scenarios depending on your choices. These choices are addressed in the flashbacks, allowing you to see what’s happened to Clementine since we last saw her. I won’t spoil anything, but Clementine has definitely seen some hard times, and she’s a different person because of it. I enjoyed this character development, as it’s clear the apocalypse has taken its toll on her over time. However, I wish my season two ending choices mattered more than they appear so far.

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