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Robinson: The Journey Zooms To The Oculus Rift in January

Today, Crytek declared that Robinson: The Journey, already a PS VR elite, will hit the Rift one month from now. Robinson: The Journey is a science fiction experience that gives you a role as a voyager on an abnormal planet.

While the preface sounds like a fun time, Editor Joe Juba didn’t discover quite a bit of an excite in the experience, as noted by his audit:

Numerous virtual-reality titles feel more like specialized demos than full grown encounters, and Robinson: The Journey has a place on that rundown – however it tries to trick you into supposing it doesn’t. A couple of components include the dream of profundity, yet they feel like shallow ideas in retrospect. This voyage is only a direct voyage through the world with no important deviations and scarcely useful controls, just for the questionable advantage of seeing some cool VR dinosaurs.