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Battlefield 1 Update Adds New Map, Spectator Mode

Today DICE uncovered the profundity of December’s arranged Battlefield 1 overhaul, and the increments are amazing.

Driving the way is the Giant’s Shadow delineate, first new one since the diversion’s October discharge. The guide depends on the clash of the Selle in 1918. “With a monstrous slammed aircraft throwing its shadow onto the front line, you can expect wild battle on the open ground and stream banks close by the Cateau-Wassigny railroad,” DICE says on the Battlefield blog. The free guide is accessible to play on December 13 for premium individuals, and December 20 for the more extensive open.

The arrival of Spectator mode likewise permits players to watch different matches utilizing a free-cam or exchanging amongst first-and third-individual viewpoints for any player taking an interest in the fight. The redesign likewise includes another custom diversion sort, Standard Issue Rifles, which limits class weapons to their group’s standard issue rifle.